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We work Well Together


The Lane Group (TLG) is dedicated to serving the greater good through professional engineering and architecture. Our mission is to provide ethical consulting services that foster our commitment to integrity, honesty, and fairness in all business and personal dealings. Through our depth of experience, we have developed an integrated Team approach whereby our Project Managers and support personnel provide a seamless, professional staff approach. We are adept at developing and understanding the needs and goals of our clients, creating a plan of action, and implementing the plan successfully. This allows TLG to expeditiously research viable options/alternatives, find solutions, and prepare cost effective and technically sound designs and solutions to problems. 

The commitment by every employee-owner of the firm assures that our clients achieve their goals and meet the needs of their customers. Whether providing assistance on a specific aspect of a project, or taking a project from conception to completion, Lane always stands ready to support your unique project requirements. WE WORK WELL TOGETHER.

“The Dickenson County Public Service Authority has used The Lane Group on multiple occasions and were very satisfied with their performance. The owners, engineers, project managers, and their inspectors were very conscientious, expedient, and compassionately looked after their client. As the Executive Director of the Dickenson County P.S.A., I would highly recommend considering The Lane Group for any water or wastewater project.”

Mr. Ron Phillips, Executive Director

Dickenson County Public Service Authority